I believe in challenging students to draw connections between what we do in class with their lives outside of the classroom. I want students to adopt a reflective and critical attitude to what we do in class. In this way, students can select what would be most valuable to them in their lives to improve what they already do, or plan on doing.

I believe in being a support and a facilitator, enabling students to see the value in SLA theory and basics of linguistics so that they can carry this knowledge with them throughout their lives.

Courses Taught: 

Michigan State University

Language Teaching Methods (LLT 307) – Spring 2017

Pedagogical Grammar (LLT 346) – Fall 2016 (2 sections)

Introduction to Second Language Acquisition  (LLT 361, Online)  – Summer 2015

Ohio University

Introduction to Linguistics (Ling. 350) – Fall 2012 – Spring 2014 (1 section per semester)