About Me

My name is Jeffrey Maloney and I am an applied linguist with a focus on Second Language Acquisition and TESOL. I am an Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Education and Social Work at Brigham Young University – Hawaii, where I work as a part of the English Language Teaching Program. I am responsible for delivering TESOL and Linguistics training and English as an International Language instruction.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Brigham Young University – Idaho in 2011, a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University in 2014,  and I received a PhD in Second Language Studies from Michigan State University in May 2018. My main research interest areas are language-student and teacher technology use and its impact on language learning both in and out of the classroom. I also have worked in areas of identity, world Englishes, and implicit and explicit language knowledge.

I have long been fascinated by the concept of knowing and speaking multiple languages. Since I was little, I wanted to learn another language – which I felt could be some kind of secret code. As I have grown and developed, I also gained a great love of new technologies and media. I am fascinated by the modern computer and the possibilities it provides society and individuals. Thus, I work at the intersection of my two fascinations – combining my love of technology with my love of language learning and teaching.

I am originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I am an avid Nintendo fan. I also thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping, travel, and reading. I speak Brazilian Portuguese pretty well, and love to learn new languages and about new cultures. I am married to a beautiful and supportive wife, and together we have three amazing daughters.